Preparations For Shows

Braiding and Banding

The horse that you are competing on must be braided or banded before every show! The Saddlebrook Show Team always tries to look its best at any show. This gives our horses and riders a more professional appearance and also commands respect from other riders and judges. All riders need to provide their own equipment for braiding.

If you need help, instructors are always ready to help… BUT, they will not do it for you.

There is a mandatory braiding Clinic on Saturday, Feb. 1st at 1p.m. that costs only $10

Mane Pulling

Before you can braid or band your horse’s mane, it has to be pulled to the correct length. This will be explained at the first clinic. To make it easier on yourself, keep up with your horse’s mane and be sure it is pulled every six to eight weeks.

Clipping and Grooming

It is vey important that your horse looks nice and neat. You want to have your horse bathed and groomed before the show. You also want to make sure all the whiskers are trimmed from the muzzle, nostrils and eyes, as well as the hair in the ears. If you have never done this before it is important that you have an instructor help you.

Tack Cleaning

Your tack should be cleaned every time you ride. Before a show it is essential that you throughly clean your tack. This includes your saddle, girth, and bridle. You should also make sure your bit and show pad are cleaned as well. In addition to cleaning your tack it is important that your boots are polished.