• Students must have a release form on file before being allowed to ride.
  • Students must be on time for lessons. If you are running late and everyone else in your lesson is tacked up and heading to the area, you will only be able to
    audit the lesson. Be sure to allow for extra driving time when traffic may be present or during inclement weather. (If you are running late please call your
  • No parents or guests allowed in the tacking area or in the arenas. No sitting on arena fencing.
  • Students of all ages must wear ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets at all times when on or around horses.
  • Lesson payment is due before starting lessons and is paid by credit card through are auto-pay system. All auto-pay is charged by credit card on the first
    of every month. Saddlebrook must be notified before the 20th of the month to cancel auto-pay or change lessons.
  • Lessons are sold by packages only. Single lessons can not be sold.
  • You must give 24 hour notice for cancellation of lesson in order to reschedule lesson. If 24 hour notice is NOT given, you will forfeit that lesson and no refund or credit will be issued. All make-ups must be scheduled at time of cancellation and completed within the month missed.
  • Lessons are rain or shine. No make-ups will be given if you fail to attend. If lessons are ever canceled, you will be called or emailed. Ground lessons are
    given if lightning is present.
  • Saddlebrook shirts must be worn and tucked in at all lessons (let your instructor know if you need to purchase one).
  • Students must ride the horse to which they have been assigned.
  • While on Saddlebrook property, all parents, guests, and siblings must wear closed toe shoes. No throwing objects (such as balls), screaming or running.
    No petting horses without instructor present – this includes horses in stalls. No smoking or alcohol allowed on premises. No pets allowed on premises.
  • All tack must be checked in and out by your instructor.
  • All horses must be lead to and from stalls by instructors only.
  • Do not walk behind horses in the standing stalls. Saddlebrook staff and students only in standing stall area. No one else is allowed in this area.
  • Make sure there is at least 15 feet between horses at all times.
  • When arriving for lessons, enter at the Front Gate on Hufsmith. When departing, exit at the Back Gate on Stuebner Airline.
  • Instructors are subject to change classes/students at any time.


Lesson Student Dress Code:



Saddlebrook Polo (tucked in)
Beige breeches, belt
Tall boots or paddock boots
Certified riding helmet


Saddlebrook Polo (tucked in)
Blue jeans, belt
Certified riding helmet