About Saddlebrook

At Saddlebrook, we present a variety of services tailored to fit you and your horse’s needs. So if you are looking for an equestrian center that offers unbridled elegance and affordable service, look no further.

When you pass through the gates of Saddlebrook Equestrian Center, something amazing happens. Stresses are eliminated, problems are forgotten and bad days are transformed into good days. ” There is something about riding horses, working with horses – just being around horses- that creates tranquility,” said Jim Spurlin, who owns Saddlebrook Equestrian Center with his wife, Alison Spurlin.

Saddlebrook provides boarding, training, and instruction, in both Western and English riding styles, in a family-friendly environment. “We really want people to know that Saddlebrook Equestrian Center is a place for the whole family,” said Jim. While many equestrian centers focus exclusively on children or only one style of riding, Saddlebrook Equestrian Center has enjoyed tremendous success by offering something for everyone – young children, older kids, teens, and adults – of every skill level.